Read Regional Secretary John Phillips views on Theresa May’s speech 5 Oct 2017

Speaking after the Conservative party leaders speech in Manchester, GM,B Wales & South West regional Secretary John Phillips slammed the Tory Leaders speech as 'tragicomedy'. Read his thoughts below:

"Theresa May’s speech yesterday was a tragicomedy in true Shakespearean tradition."

"The Symbolic collapse of the backdrop reflected the trajectory of the PM’s political career; A faltering voice reflecting uncertainty, disunity with a touch of 'et tu Brutes' too.

"It echoed speeches of dying tory leaderships of the past, from Thatcher's failed microphones to Ian Duncan Smith's hired cheerleaders, all with the inevitable consequence that the leaders had gone within weeks of their own disastrous leadership speeches.

"What a contrast between the two Party conferences, re-energisation compared to regression.

GMB General Secetary Tim Roache speaking at Labour party Conference last week

"Last week we saw a Labour leader full of energy committed to putting the injustices of this country right with a radical programme to rebuild Britain’s economy and revitalise our Society. This week we saw a low energy, low turnout conference, with borrowed policies from a leader on borrowed time.

"The leader’s speech only had two decent policy statements, both of which were pinched from Labour's manifesto. There was no mention of Wales, yet another speech from a Tory leader that showed a neglect of and contempt for the needs of Wales and its people.

"As Kipling once said-'to meet with triumph and disaster'-well this was certainly the latter. The British dream that became the Premier's own nightmare and with a P45 surely to follow from the Party unfaithful.

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