Welsh Labour deputy leadership ballots dropping from today 19 Mar 2018

From today members paying the political levy will start recieving their ballot papers for the election of Welsh Labours Deputy Leader

GMB is backing Carolyn Harris to become the first deputy leader of Welsh Labour.

We believe that she has the drive, passion and commitment to represent campaigns on behalf of GMB members across Wales.


GMB Regional Officer John Phillips said:

“Carolyn’s had a meteoric rise in a short space of time; sometimes you forget that she’s only been an MP for three years.”

“We feel that in that short space of time Carolyn has spearheaded popular campaigns that have captured public opinion. In particular we’ve worked with her on the Changes to Women’s state pension’s campaign and members responded strongly to her warmth and commitment.” 

“We think that she is the best candidate to represent GMB Members values and can represent all wings of the Labour movement in the day to day running of Welsh Labour.”

GMB Political Officer Mike Payne said:

"As a GMB member Carolyn is no stranger to this Region. In fact she has supported a number of campaigns and issues that the GMB has found to be important to its members since she was elected to Parliament in 2015. 

"Her enthusiasm and passion shines through when you meet her, and we believe that she will be just the type of person needed to act as a bridge to all the parts of the Labour Movement, members, trade Unions and members of Socialist Societies"

If you’re a member in Wales paying the political levy and have not received a ballot paper by Friday, please contact tom.hoyles@GMB.org.uk or call 02920491260