That time of year 5 Feb 2018

LGBT History Month is an important time of the year.

It’s easy to forget in the fast paced modern world that Homosexuality has only been decriminalised in the UK for just over 50 years. Before that, for hundreds of years people were persecuted by others and the state for their sexuality and gender definition.

Just think about that for a second. In the arc of great human achievements people had been into space, discovered DNA and built the first computer before the UK legalised people’s right to be Gay. Our society also has a pretty poor record on the recognition of Trans issues and Transgender liberation, more often than not sweeping these issues under the carpet than extending liberty to people who self define.

And whilst we know that there’s still far to go, I think it’s a good opportunity to stop, take stock of the huge progress we’ve made and celebrate being LGBT and all the achievements our movement has made. Its also an important time to honour those persecuted in the past as well as those being persecuted today.

Now I’m not a historian, so I’m not going to start a lecture here, but I want to ask Trade Union members whether Gay or Straight to think about attending an event that recognises this LGBT History this month.

There’ll be events across the region, and you can find out more at : and at 

On the 10th February I’ll be attending the OUTing the past at the Senedd organised by Pride Cymru. The event will be a day of storytelling and talks commemorating LGBT historical events and figures. If you’re interested in attending you can find out more here.

I also hope to see plenty of faces at the Newport Rainbow Conference on Wednesday 14th February. The event will include a range of events, from educational workshops to discussion panels and will be jam packed full of information, advice, support, and guidance to help you and help support family, friends, and colleagues who identify as LGBT+. You can book tickets here

I hope that everyone will try and get along to an event, and there’ll undoubtedly be an event that will suit everyone’s tastes. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more info about these and other events over the coming weeks.

I’d also like to take this opportunity congratulate the National Assembly for Wales for being listed as Stonewall UK’s top LGBT employer in the UK. It’s great to see Wales seat of government leading the way and setting an example for the whole of the UK to follow, from national institutions to small businesses. 

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