Hinkley Point C project back under way after ‘Beast from the East’ sit in protest. 7 Mar 2018

GMB, the union for Hinkley Point C workers, has announced the project is back underway after the ‘Beast from the East’ sit in protest.

Work on the £18bn nuclear power station was halted for four days as the Siberian weather system battered Britain.

When Kier Bam employee's returned to the site on Tuesday they were told they would not be paid for the days they were off.

This led to a two-day sit in by approximately 600 Kier Bam employees. But all returned to work after this morning after GMB - along with sister unions Unite and Prospect - achieved a breakthrough in negotiations.

The sit in at the Canteen on Monday

Brendan Stack, GMB Senior Convener, said:

“The negotiations proved more challenging than first envisaged due to previous issues.

“However, we are very confident, going forward, that these issues will be resolved.”

Adie Baker, GMB Organiser, said:

“It is always regrettable when workers feel that their employer is just not listening and they feel they have no other choice than to withdraw their labour.

“I am satisfied that an acceptable resolution has now been agreed which will ensure that those workers who were due to work on site last weekend when the site was closed due to heavy snowfall will be paid."

If your workplace had to close because of the severe weather and your employer is also refusing to pay get in touch

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