GMB vow to fight for Ford Workers 14 Jan 2019

GMB has vowed to fight for Ford Workers in Bridgend after the news broke on Friday that there 990 job losses planned for the Historic Bridgend plant.

On Thursday, the Ford Europe announced it would be speeding up plans to cut structural costs and thousands of jobs would be lost across Europe.

The news is a major blow to the Bridgend, with the plant manufacturing Ford Engine parts since the late 1970’s and being one of South Wales Largest employers.

Jeff Beck, GMB Organiser for Wales and South West said: 

“We have been asking the company for two years to clarify the situation regarding jobs and it's not until today that we have had the devastating answer. 

“We have been told 990 jobs will be cut in Bridgend by 2020. This is devastating news for the dedicated workers at Ford and their families.

“GMB will fight for every single one of the remaining 500 jobs at Ford.”

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