GMB supports Vaughan Gething AM to be the next leader of Welsh Labour 5 Oct 2018

GMB, Wales General Union, has endorsed Vaughan Gething AM as its choice in the Welsh Labour leadership race. 

GMB, Wales General Union has endorsed Vaughan Gething as its choice in the Welsh Labour leadership race. 

The Union is the first of Wales’ major unions to nominate a Candidate after nominations closed on Wednesday, after Carwyn Jones AM officially announced his timetable to stand down.

The Union praised Vaughan’s ‘fresh vision for Wales’ but admitted that it had been a very tough decision that ‘went right down to the wire’, declaring that the committee were ‘spoiled for choice’.

Members will now be balloted under Welsh Labour’s new electoral system which will see Trade Union members balloted alongside Labour members as outlined at Labour's special conference in Cardiff last month.

John Phillips, GMB Regional Secretary for Wales and South West, said:

“I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Vaughan as GMB’s preferred choice, and offer my commiseration's to Eluned and Mark.

“All three of the candidates made fantastic submissions and the decision went right down to the wire. The committee felt that we were spoiled for choice, and whoever comes out on top, we know that they will make a fantastic leader of the Welsh Labour movement.

“However we felt that Vaughan offered the most progressive vision with GMB values at its heart, and that that he would be best able to communicate the values of the Labour movement and this trade union to the wider public.”

Mike Payne, GMB Political officer for Wales and South West, said:

“I think that one of the major points that swung it for the panel was Vaughan’s history in the Trade Union movement, and his commitment to put those values at the very front of his administration should he be elected.

“Vaughan obviously has extremely strong links with not just with GMB, but all Trades Unions from his time as a Trade Union lawyer for Thompsons and serving a stint as the head of NUS Cymru and as president of Wales TUC.

“We know that if elected as first minister he will put these values into practice, and we are excited by the energy, enthusiasm and optimism he will bring to the role if elected.”

Vaughan Gething AM tweeted: 

"I’m genuinely humbled and honoured to have GMB Wales and South West support me. I’m aware of the huge task ahead of me to live up to the expectations of all GMB members across Wales and the wider UK. 

"Thank you GMB for your support, I won’t let you down."

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You can read the candidate statements to GMB from Vaughan Gething AM,  Mark Drakeford AM and Eluned Morgan AM.