GMB pleased members get their slice of the Cheese 6 Mar 2018

GMB have welcomed Norseland Ltd’s U-turn in agreeing to pay members after the factory failed to Open leaving workers in the cold for several hours.

Last Friday workers at Norseland Ltd’s Factory in Ilchester, Somerset, were left out in freezing conditions as management of the Factory failed to inform them that the factory would be closed.

The factory had already sent staff home early on the Thursday, despite staff being prepared to work their full contracted shift .

When workers arrived at the Factory on the Friday they were cheesed off to find the gates shut, and had to wait several hours before they received a text message informing them that the factory would not be opening, despite being led to believe otherwise.

Initially there were few warm words from the Cheese suppliers as the company offered workers to either take holiday or unpaid leave, despite many braving the arctic conditions on foot.

However after GMB union members launched a grievance against the Company, the management team U-turned late on Monday, agreeing to pay workers for the hours the factory was shut.

Currently the law states that employers have to pay employee’s that have made themselves available to work, when the employer takes the decision to close the place of work. Whilst companies can ask employees to take paid holiday days at certain points, the company is obliged to give notice at least two days in advance - not after workers have arrived at work. 

GMB Regional Organiser Tim Northover said:

“We’re glad that Norseland have seen sense.”

Although one of Norseland’s corporate aims is to work together as one outstanding team, it is more than a bit ironic that they left some of their team standing out in the cold last week, we’re pleased that they’ve listened to our concerns and seen sense. It was simply not fair for our hardworking members to lose hours and pay through no fault of their own. 

“I’d advise all workers at Norseland Ltd to sign up with GMB so we can stand together for respect and protection at work."

If your workplace had to close because of the severe weather and your employer is also refusing to pay get in touch

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