GMB demands a strong EU response to unfair US Steel Tariffs in order to protect UK Jobs 5 Mar 2018

GMB, the union for steel workers, is demanding a strong EU response to President Trump’s announcement unfair tariffs on imported steel.

Mr Trump tweeted that the US had been "decimated by unfair trade and bad policy" and added steel imports would face a 25% tariff and aluminium 10%.

GMB had recent first-hand experience of Trump's 'America First' policy as Boeing’s claim against Bombardier went all the way to the International Trade Commission (ITC) before ultimately failing.

Thousands of UK Manufacturing jobs were on the line during the Bombardier crisis – and the President’s latest protectionist tariffs could do the same again.

Presidents Trumps incendiary Tweets have sparked fears of a Trade War

Ross Murdoch GMB National Officer for steel, said:

"Once again we see a Trump led strategy in the US that is neither fair nor justified and has the real potential for putting thousands of EU steel jobs at risk.

“GMB has campaigned long and hard to avoid the unfair dumping of cheap steel from outside Europe and has always argued that fair competition under WTO rules is fair for all.

“We have been successful with this, however, this current ill thought out "trade wars are good" backed strategy from the US President once again poses threats to steel workers.

“We will campaign alongside sister trade unions and other stakeholders to assist the European Commission on this issue in the interest of safeguarding jobs and preserving market stability.

“During the Bombardier crisis the UK’s Government response was frankly pathetic.

"GMB now calls on Ministers to redeem themselves by lobbying the EU on behalf of UK Steel jobs and communities.”

Jeff Beck GMB Regional organiser for Wales & South West said:

"President Trump's comments over the weekend couldn't have really come at a worse time.

"After the steel dumping crisis a few years ago and the uncertainty that Brexit is throwing up the steel industry is in quite a fragile state.

"What we need now more than ever is to see is the UK Government make the case for the steel industry in the UK, and articulate a vision for Brexit that has a future for the industry right at its heart.

"It's clear that Donald Trump only has no interest in mutually beneficial trade deals. The 'art of the deal' he seeks with the UK will be one that benefits US consumers at the detriment of UK, so why isn't the Prime Minister being more vocal about the UK's interests?

"You've got to ask yourself, if it was Theresa May making these comments, would Donald Trump have responded in such a tame way?"

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