Retired or Unemployed - Stay With The GMB

Retired Members

Congress laid down new Rules for Retired Life Members from 1 July 2015.  If a member retires on or after 1 July 2015, they can apply for free retired life membership within three months of no longer paying contributions according to Rule. To qualify, a member has to be permanently retired from paid work, be a member for at least 5 years and apply in writing to become a retired life member of the union.  If a member has less than 5 years membership, a one-off payment of £40.00 is payable for retired life membership.

Retired Members Association (RMA) 

If you are a newly retired member, I write to let you know about the GMB’s Retired Members’ Association.  As Regional Co-ordinator of the RMA of the Wales and South West Region, I write to invite you to join the Region’s retired members’ community which is very active in campaigning on key issues that affect retired GMB members and offers the opportunity to become involved in the work and activities of the RMA both regionally and nationally.

Annual regional and national RMA conferences are held which enable members to come together to discuss contemporary issues that impact on retired members.  At the regional conference, motions are submitted and debated, which the region then submits to the national conference for debate and discussion, which then becomes policy of the Union.  The work of the National RMA is co-ordinated by Steve Kemp who is based at national official.

The GMB recognises that just because a member is retired from the world of work, many still want to play an active role within the Union, and the Retired Members Association is the best way to achieve this.

If you are interested in becoming an RMA member, please contact my office – by phone, letter or email.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Martin Hird, Senior Organiser and RMA Co-ordinator


Don't Lose Your Membership

There has never been a more important time to be a member of a trade union. The economic downturn has seen a massive increase in the number of companies seeking to restructure. For some employers this has been about survival but for others it has simply been seen as an opportunity to trim costs and shed jobs. For GMB members the fear of unemployment has become an all too real and ever present concern. GMB believes in fighting for jobs and we work continuously wherever we can to safeguard our members' livelihoods and to protect their futures - whether that involves taking the fight to Government or within the local community we will not sit back and see job losses treated as simply another statistic. 

Have you recently become unemployed?  You can either download a copy of the form below or contact Wales & South West regional office on 029 2049 1260 to continue with your membership. Remember we have a specially reduced rate for members who find themselves out of work (subject to Rule). 

Download a GMB Continuation Form:

Membership Continuation Form.doc