Supporting Vaughan Gething

Change Takes Courage - GMB backs Vaughan Gething to be the next Leader of Welsh Labour

From the 9th November, GMBs members will take part in electing the next Leader of Welsh Labour.

Our Union is proudly supporting Vaughan Gething as our choice to be the next Welsh Labour Leader. As a longstanding member of the GMB and as a former shop steward, we are delighted to be backing him and we believe his vision for the future and his strong union credentials make him the perfect candidate to take Wales forward. 



Vaughan’s ‘Pledge for Wales’ is that courageous vision we need to take Wales forward through  a radical set of socialist policy priorities that will deliver for every generation of the Welsh people.

Vaughan’s ‘Pledge for Wales’ would:

· End holiday hunger for our children- by ending the scandal of holiday hunger by providing children across Wales free school meals 365 days a year.

· Remove tuition fees for young people leaving care - raising and supporting the ambitions of our care leavers, removing some of the barriers they face to in making progress with their education. That’s why he wants to remove tuition fees for them.

· Extend free childcare to people in education and training –building upon the current commitment and extend the offer to parents undertaking work related education and training with 3 & 4-year olds and to working parents of 2-year olds living in poverty.

· Create a National Care Service of Wales –The National Care Service of Wales, much like the NHS will be a universal service delivered by local authorities and funded with our new tax powers. The National Care Service would deliver independence and dignity. Dignity for people who need care and dignity for people who deliver care. 

· Good Work, Fair Work and a Strong Economy - Just getting by on low pay is no way to face the future. We need to be radical and ambitious about the future of work, working in partnership with both Trade Unions and businesses.

These policies would truly transform Wales. That’s why we’re backing Vaughan Gething and hope you do too. Wales needs the courage to change, but as Vaughan says, change takes courage.

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