National Office

The General Secretary of GMB is Tim Roache. The position of General Secretary is elected every five years by a secret ballot of GMB members. He/she has responsibility for the Union's industrial and policy work, as well as being the senior executive manager of the GMB. Also based at national office are the national secretaries for each of the industrial sections, as well as researchers and specialist staff.

GMB has one job and that is to improve the pay and conditions of GMB members in their workplaces. The best way to do that is to increase the number of GMB members in order to strengthen the Union's power. This website reflects GMB member's aims and values, and shows what GMB Workplace Organisers do every day with the backing of GMB members.

GMB is a general union - which means that anyone can belong to it. GMB has almost 631,000 members working in every part of the UK economy.