About the GMB

Wales & South West Region

The Wales & South West Region is one of nine GMB regions that make up the national organisation with over half a million general members employed in workplaces and organisations across the United Kingdom. We are the only major trade union in the country that has increased its membership year on year for the last three without resorting to amalgamation or merger like others.

Our Purpose

We work to improve the quality of life and provide new opportunities for all our members and their families. We aim to improve the lives of GMB members and make sure that their achievements lead the way for working people in Britain and across the world. Every GMB member should have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents. All our members should enjoy work that is fulfilling and rewarding.

We Will:

(Adopted at Congress 1990)

Our Aims:

For further details and/or a copy of the GMB Rule Book please contact your local GMB office our download a copy which can be found in the 'Members Area' section of this site.

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